Wednesday, June 28, 2006

On a (sort of) thoroughly apolitical note, I went to a Chipotle and had a great burrito last night. Filling and wonderful and everything. The burrito was from a voucher I got during my 3 hours of interning at the Seattle Film Festival, which I subsequently got too busy to do further. Ultimate, Work, and Work. That's basically my life right now.

Anyway, on walking I mentioned to my friend that, for no apparent reason, Chipotle sort of reminded me of Google. My friend didn't say anything for a second and I thought he was just going to ignore what must have seemed a silly comment. But after a moment, he nodded. 'Ya, I can definitely see that. It's not really anything substantial, just sort of, a feeling you get about it'. Which was true, but a little weird, I thought, for a place that’s owned by McDonalds. Because I don't know about you, but McDonalds doesn't really exude any Google. Chipotle reminds me of the Google homepage. Ya, there are a lot of great features behind it (disc. I use G-mail and love the Notebook) but Google itself is an elegant, simplified, effective, search engine, with buttons on it for a few variations. Kind of like the Chipotle menu. Nothing is crammed on there, nothing needs explanation, it’s efficient it’s good, and it’s what you want at 10 (or any) o'clock at night.


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