Thursday, July 06, 2006

Employer sponsored health care

Via Kaiser Health Daily Report:

"Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance in the United States -- Origins and Implications," New England Journal of Medicine: In the first of two articles for NEJM, David Blumenthal, director of the Institute for Health Policy at Massachusetts General Hospital and a professor at Harvard Medical School, examines employer-sponsored health insurance in the U.S. and the challenges it faces. Blumenthal looks at the emergence of employer-sponsored health insurance, its effects of on the U.S. health care system, trends in employer-sponsored insurance, approaches health care providers are taking to correct problems they encounter and the future of the system. According to Blumenthal, although employer-sponsored health insurance has proved beneficial in many areas, it has been unable to slow increases in health care costs and seems unprepared to do so in the future (Blumenthal, NEJM, 7/6).

I'll have to check it out. I'm definitely torn on the endgame for health care policy, between private market driven dynamics and government dealing with all the externalities.


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