Friday, July 07, 2006

Help, I'm on fire!

Apparently, the Bush administration has managed to create a whole bunch of new flaming liberals. Like me. And Andrew Sullivan. To quote,

I'm for balanced budgets, low taxes, cuts in entitlements, welfare reform, more military manpower, privately run healthcare, free speech, religious liberty, a stronger commitment to Iraq, and gun rights. I'm against affirmative action, federally-funded abortion and embryonic stem-cell research, protectionism, hate crime laws, the Medicare prescription drug program, pork barrel spending, torture, an untrammeled executive, and censoring anyone anywhere to appease Islamist extremists. And, according to Ponnuru, no "serious" conservative regards me as a conservative any more. What does that tell you?

Pretty much my feelings, but count me double on free speech and against a unitary executive.

By the way, here's the quote from Ramesh Ponnuru on Sullivan:

"Since another panelist had quoted one of his sermons as evidence of intra-conservative strife, I also observed that I know no serious conservative who considers him a conservative. I am prepared to believe that there are a few misguided conservatives, unbeknownst to me, who do consider him a fellow conservative. But even if that's true, it would not change the fundamental accuracy of my statement that Sullivan's pronouncements are not good evidence of intra-conservative strife."

I guess I don't really consider Sullivan 'conservative', to be honest. More like reasonable. He is, for instance, no Hugh Hewitt, or Jonah Goldberg. Luckily for him, I'd say. Sullivan can be irritatingly preachy at times, but all in all, pretty good.


At 7:25 PM, Blogger Lydia said...


I laughed when I read your characterization of Sullivan as "reasonable" rather than "conservative." Can any political ideology really be called reasonable? My beliefs fit the profile of a liberal, but I would hope that they come from reality-based deductions, rather than automatic reactions.

Although I think my reason is superior to yours on the whole abortion thing.


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