Thursday, July 06, 2006

Killing us softly...

With its (great) lines...the West Wing was one of, I felt, the most enjoyable shows to watch on T.V.

Actually, that’s false, since I've watched less than 10 episodes of it on T.V. But it was one of the most enjoyable things to watch on T.V., albeit via DVD. I don’t really watch any shows. I’m too boring for that.

But I got it wrong according to Gene Healy. In fact, I probably hate America or something.

Apparently, it’s also the main reason why I think David Addington and Karl Rove are saints. And why I love Dick Morris so much...
I knew there was something weird about the show. Now it turns out, it’s been brainwashing me all along into believing government was a clean, saintly enterprise. Most sinister of all,

The West Wing was, above all, a Valentine to power. And despite the snappy repartee and the often-witty scripts, it was a profoundly silly show. It managed — in 21st century America — to be markedly less cynical than Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

And that was by design: Sorkin and the show’s other writers and producers repeatedly spoke of their desire to renew “respect for public service” and to combat a culture of cynicism about politics. But is that really a pressing problem in modern American life? Are we too cynical about politics these days? Or not cynical enough?

How evil! Restoring respect for public service? Showing that you could, in fact, do it right (despite the sparse accomplishments of the Bartlett admin) ? Why, they're undermining good old fashioned American Cynicism! But, ya know, being even more cynical about government probably would help ridiculously low election turnout numbers....

Ya, I'm pretty sure that a bit of better feeling wouldn't hurt.

I also really suggest reading that David Addington article. Yea, its a puff piece, but it's like reading an entertaining wanna-be insider-y biography, of the most evil guy in the world.


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