Friday, July 07, 2006

The litmus test

Count me in on Lamont,

LAMONT: Look, you want to boast about how many earmarks you bring to the state of Connecticut? Alaska gets 10 times what we do. We're not doing very well on that front. But more importantly, I think we should outlaw these earmarks.


LAMONT: Hear me out, sir. I think we should outlaw these earmarks. I think they corrupt the political process. I think they are written by lobbyists and they're wrong.

LIEBERMAN: Try to explain that to the (inaudible).

LAMONT: I think these things should go through the congressional process. Sir, you have been there for 18 years. You support the earmarks, you work with the lobbyists, and that's what needs to be changed.

LIEBERMAN: The earmarks are great for Connecticut.

Yea, that about says it all. He needs to go. It's not about Iraq, and for me its sure not about social security. It's not about his 'betrayal of the party' time and time again (although it says something about his ethics). It's about the fact that Lieberman stands for nothing. Except his own incumbancy.


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