Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A new direction

This blog was started as an outlet, for me to just have those conversations I wish I was having, with everyone out there not listening. In the past week or so I've posted about everything from partisan politics to bloggy disputes to election year strategy to farm subsidies, pork, healthcare, etc. etc.

All these things I suppose I have some sort of interest in. However, posting on those issues usually takes the form of a rather shallow discussion, partisan pithiness, or generally uneffective contribution. As a result, I've become rather unsatisfied with the posts I've made thus far, and in the future, will be trying to make this a more focused and intelligent site. I'd like to concentrate on those areas where I have some background and knowledge, or at the very least, interest. While I feel sure that any number or 'off-topic' topics will continue to appear as suits my fancy, I'd like to try and make this somewhat of a source for intelligent analysis of Russia and its politics, and external affairs surrounding it, and health care and in particular industria/academic-application relationships. I also am quite interested in the political scene in Virginia (though, not as much so here in Washington State, where there seem to be few real debates, versus the vibrant Virginia political culture), civil liberties, and the state of government. Like I said, I don't doubt that there will continue to be any number of disparate topics (as come up on my RSS), but I'm hoping to refine this blog a bit more into something that people can reference both as a general observer, and as a resource on Virginia/Russia/Drugs and health/big government. We'll see how this turns out.


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