Wednesday, July 05, 2006

On Santa Rosa

I did a ton of research on this, looking into pretty much everyone's contribution history that I could track down, and it looks like its probably a non-story, at least from the Vail side. I think they're probably pretty sincere. The most public family member is Nita Vail, who chairs the California Rangeland Trust, which is basically a holding group for cattle ranches (it was started by the California Cattleman's Association). She was also the assistant Secretary of Ag. and Environmental Policy under Gov. Wilson. The farming stuff is "Vail and Vickers", and seemingly lacks a Vickers. Tim Vail and Will Wooley are the notable names there. Nathan Russell Vail is the one politically involved as well as civicly. Not sure that theres a pattern to his donations other than like the NRCC. Nita and Nathan Russell both are on the advisory board of the Santa Cruz Island Foundation.

Theres random ties to Kemper and Bedford corps, who give basically all their money to R's, but all in all it seems a little thin to me. The family seems to have a sincere interest in keeping their land.

Heres a bill from 1997, where Don Young, who this article makes mention of their visiting worked w/ California lawmakers to try and help them.

Another story on it, with some more interesting facts, and this ridiculous quote...

"What better way to give back to veterans than the opportunity to hunt big game on an island at no cost?”

A story on CRT run by Nita Vail, and of some interest.

And heres Vail's contributions, 2000-2006





National Cattlemen's Beef Assn


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